My Conversation with Rizqi


On Pondok Cina Train Station, I heard the announcement “The train will be in 1 chain” when a newspaper boy sit beside me.

“You want the latest Kompas, sis?”
“How much it cost?”
“Rp 3000.”
“Give me one.”
*he handed me the newspaper*
He continue the conversation wih his customer.
“Where you headed, sis?”
“Kalibata. And what’s the meaning of 1 chain train?”
“That means there are only 4 carriage in the train, half of the usual train.”
“What?! So it’s going to be freaking full?!!” I freaked out. He was giggling.
“But you can get the next train… It will be 1 hour from now.”
“Impossible. I’d be late!”
I look at his blue pants.
“You’re not going to school?”
“I will, after lunch.”
I nodded.
“I need some money to buy books, sis.”
He mentioned big amount of money, but actually my 1 day taxi fare.
“Why is it so expensive?”
“My school is private school, sis.” Some kids just not getting the privildge of public school. I sighed, dunno how many more kids like him around me. I like him. He’s struggling but not losing his kindness. “What’s your name?”
“Rizqi, hope this could help.” I give him enough money for his need. His face lightened and thanking me twice. “Look sis! The train is empty! You must be lucky. It came from Depok station instead of Bogor!” I stood and ready for the train. Smiling.
“Yes, I’m so lucky!” Alhamdulillah.
“Sis, watch your purse!” He whispered as I begin parting from his side.
I smiled. Wider. He’s so sweet and kind.
“Thank you, Rizqi… See u later lil bro!” Hope to see you again sometime…


One thought on “My Conversation with Rizqi

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is the kind of story that will touch people’s hearts. Rizqi with all his limitations, he still has the spirit to go to school while selling newspapers for his needs. More importantly, his gratefulness is something that has been missing from the society. Wish we have more kids like Rizqi in Indonesia.

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