Why it’s breaking my heart


I never had children (yet), but I know they’re precious
Every mom would feel the same way about their children
And what kind of burden…
What kind of unbearable pain…
Could make a mom to take 2 children with her to heaven in the most aching way?
People said it’s because of poverty
She can’t pay her Rp 20.000 debt
But the poverty won’t kill them
It’s the despair that make her lose control
Why we never know that she needs help in the first place?
Maybe we walk too fast?
Maybe we mind our own business?
Maybe we won’t listen?
Maybe we just don’t even care?
And this on going ignorance… Is breaking my heart

Innalillahi wa innailaihi rojiuun
We belong to Allah and to Allah we shall return

RT @detikcom: Terlilit Utang Rp 20 Ribu, Ibu Ajak Dua Anaknya Bakar Diri http://de.tk/qQ7gd


One thought on “Why it’s breaking my heart

  1. IrwanKarta says:

    Uang 20 ribu, yang terkadang kita sepelekan dan dihambur-hamburkan dengan mudahnya, betapa sangat berharganya bagi sebagian orang yang kurang beruntung.

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