Packing Check List


Traveling more often means packing more often as well. I need a check list:

Inside my handbag

    * Passport
    * Tickets
    * NPWP
    * KTP/ID Card
    * Money & Credit card (don’t forget to contact the bank)
    * Netbook
    * Digital Camera
    * iPod
    * Kleenex
    * Blackberry & Mobile Phone
    * Lipstick
    * Travel Book

Inside my travel bag

    * Clothes (t-shirt, jilbab, jeans, underwear)
    * Mukena (for praying)
    * All chargers (Mobile Phone, Blackberry, Camera, iPod, Netbook)
    * Snacks (it’s expensive at the hotel hehe)
    * Vegeta Herbal
    * Redoxon
    * Tolak Angin
    * Toiletteries & Make Up Kit
    * Extra bag


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