Attending creative writing class by @radityadika #misi21

Me and @radityadika have a complicated relationship. We’re friends, but also business partner. Sometimes he’s my publisher. Sometimes he’s my client. And today I got a chance to add 1 more role in our connections: teacher – student relationship. For the sake of research, I enter his creative writing class today. I see teens from 8 to 15 years old learn passionately about writing and they’re surprisingly have great writing sense already. They even wrote in English and having difficulties writing in Indonesian. All these time, I never see Radith teach. And today, I really amazed on how well he can explain a complicated writing subject to an 8 years old kid. I even managed to learn some writing methods that he’s been using to build stories in all his bestseller books.

Thanks to him, I can make plots and story outlines to compose short story for Indonesia Bercerita. If you envy me and also want Radith to be your writing teacher, just go to and sign your email so we can contact you again when we ready to launch the classes.

At the end of the class, Radith looked like he’s going to faint. I place my hand to his forehead. He got fever and go straight to hospital after the class.

He’s brilliant. Genius. And a professional. Get well soon, buddy! And happy birthday 😉



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