Look, ma! No make up! #Misi21

Pagi ini keburu-buru. Ada serangkaian meeting penting dan gue terancam telat abis karna satu dan lain hal penting yang terjadi di rumah. Then I thought, okay… Untuk menghemat waktu… Gue skip ngelenong moment alias muka polos tanpa make up (only use sunblock).

So this is totally a new challenge. I always wear make up, because: I have complexions in my face that I need to cover, my eyes are small, and my lips are pale. Then I go to the meeting. My assistant notice something. Katanya gue seperti orang baru bangun tidur (mata gue emang gitu tanpa eyeliner heee). My partner Angel only said, “Lo dah kehabisan ide #misi21 ya?” LOL

Yah… Intinya, wearing no make up is not the end of the world. People hardly comment or even spot the difference. All you need is a high self confidence and you’ll be just fine!



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