Crash Eye MakeUp Course #Misi21

Remember mbak2 at the makeup counter whom we always avoid seeing them in the eye? Well, not only see her eyes, I also asked her to teach me make-up-ing my eyes. So, I was too early for a meeting in pacific place and I wander around Metro when I see this makeup counter. My eyes looked tired, sipit and weird because my eyeliner has wiped off due to oily face. I also can never understand how to do eye makeup. Mbak2 makeup teach me step by step how to do my eyes for everyday use. She recommend me stuff as well. I like how my eyes look fresh, bigger and the color stays after some tips from her: use eyes foundation before applying shadow, put darker shadow in the lid, use brown liquid liner for upper lid, etc. New knowledge indeed. I bought all the products she used and walked away. My self confidence level has raised and it worth much more.



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