If I could grieve for one minute, let me

Do not offer generosity to my heavy heart
You are the one I should escaping from
But with all the strength I have, I stay

Be still
Don’t talk to me
You know which words would get to me
But nothing will change destiny, just be

You were my sun, the reason I smile when I wake up
To meet you was such delight
But this place right here in our heart
Is not our home, never will

Not until you gone
Can I know what emptiness is


What’s the saddest thing?
When hope is taken away from you
And you try to stack life in front of you
Blinded your sight for a while
To postpone the feeling of heart-wrecking conclusion
of our story


You are what I see
The voices I tried to hide inside of me
I thought I won’t ever set them free
But you are in front of me

You speak of things I have in my head
You had my worries
You had all the struggle in me
We speak the same language
It’s not love, but fear

The only way to feel love is to be love 
Every day is a way to seek
The I am that higher than I am 
You stand at the other side of me
Once again to prove that

You are me  

You were born with kindness
Purpose on your hands
You’re ready to go
Fulfilled, loved and happy
How you should be

There would be a day in your life
When you questioned the loss
Depressed over failure and setback
Learn and brush off your pain
Things will only get better

No consolation will help
Time will ease
Aspire to shine
You know what to do


Unless you changed, my love
Don’t ever come to me again

You transformed me
Into someone else, not me
She’s insecure and bitter, not me

Unless you changed, my love
Forget me

That Night

That night, we let people envy
The burst of love that coming out on
Every step that we took
Fire, and more
Kisses, electrify

That night, every second is a pull
Your skin, my skin
The touch, and more

That night, we fly
Love, laugh, and more